Nostrum Oil & Gas Plc

An independent oil & gas exploration and production company

based in North-western Kazakhstan

Our purpose is to work as a team with people who constantly strive to develop their business and technical skills to ensure excellence across our value chain, adding value to the region through the utilisation of our state of the art infrastructure.

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An Introduction to Nostrum Oil & Gas

Nostrum Highlights

What sets us apart

Safety is at the core of our operations

In 2019, we formed the Health, Safety, Environment and Communities Committee which has oversight over health, safety and environmental matters. By operating safe facilities, we aim that every employee will go home healthy after a day’s work. We want to ensure the safety of employees, contractors and the environment.

Infrastructure, including a 4.2bcm gas processing facility

Our processing infrastructure has more than doubled in capacity. We are utilising under 20% of this and will now focus on third parties to fill the spare capacity as we no longer see the Chinarevskoye field being able to do this.

Well established transport links to export markets

Our infrastructure is linked to both major oil export pipelines and gas export pipelines as well as a good rail network. This allows us to sell our products in the export markets and achieve export prices.

Cost optimisation

With over US$1bn of debt and declining production levels, Nostrum has been focused on reducing its cost base.  This is a critical part of the new vision to maintain liquidity.

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